By grace you have been saved through faith.
and this is not your own doing;
it is the gift of God.
Although most Americans have heard of Jesus Christ, the
tragedy is that so many across our land don’t know Him as
Lord and Savior. Millions in our own country do not understand
the truth of the Gospel and remain lost in sin.
At BGEA, we use nationwide
efforts like My Hope America
as well as city-by-city
Crusade events to reach
people who urgently need
a sure hope for this life
and for eternity --
a hope found only through
repentance and faith in
Jesus Christ. 
In America today, many who search for spiritual answers
never consider visiting a church, but they will come and
listen at a public venue. We’re filling stadiums, arenas,
and parks with the Good News because God work in
hearts through the preaching of the Gospel.
We cannot do this without the prayers of friends like
you. Pray for the months of intense preparations
necessary for each Crusade. Ask God to draw lost and
hurting people to Himself in each city, healing hearts,
families, and communities.
Millions of people in America, as well as in cities
worldwide, don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Will
you send a financial gift today to help proclaim the
power of the Gospel to those searching for the source
of lasting hope?
... but no one can.
Let’s help them find the real way!