The Atheist and The Schoolgirl
A certain elementary school got a new teacher. This new teacher was an atheist and proud of it. In fact, he was
always talking about it, and since the kids were fairly young, he intimidated them.
One day he boldly announced, "My mother was an atheist, my father was an atheist and I'm an atheist. How many
in this room are atheist?"
The kids, being a little scared of him, all raised their hands; all except for one little girl.
So then he asked her, "Well, what are you then?"
She said, "I'm a Christian. My mother was a Christian, my father was a Christian and I'm a Christian too."
He then sarcastically snarled, "If your mother was a moron and your father was a moron, what would that make
She thought for a moment and meekly replied, "I guess that would make me an atheist."