New Golf Book
 I'm Writing For You All
Courtesy of an Email from Dr.Jim Richardson
You may not know it but I have been very busy over the past 2 years putting my thoughts and ideas
together in a book about Golf.   I  am very proud of the results and in order to market the publication, I am
asking friends and family to be the first to own a copy.                                                        
Here is the Table of Contents from my new book, "Winning Golf Strategies", which I believe gives the
reader valuable playing tips and insider information that I have gained through my own years of experience
in the game and observations of golfing partners.
Table Of Contents
Chapter  1  - How to properly line up your Fourth putt.
Chapter  2  - How to hit a Nike from the rough when you hit a Titleist from the tee.
Chapter  3  - How to avoid the water when you lie 8 In a bunker.
Chapter  4  - How to get more distance off the Shank.
Chapter  5  - Using your shadow on the Greens to maximize earnings.
Chapter  6  - When to implement Handicap Management.
Chapter  7  - How to rationalize a 6 hour round.
Chapter  8  - How to find that ball that everyone else saw go In the water.
Chapter  9 - Why your spouse doesn't care that you Birdied the 5th.
Chapter 10 - How to let a Foursome play through your Twosome.
Chapter 11 - How to relax when you are hitting Three off the Tee.
Chapter 12 - When to suggest major swing corrections to your opponent.
Chapter 13 - God and the meaning of The Birdie-To-Bogey Putt.
Chapter 14 - When to regrip your Ball Retriever.
Chapter 15 - Use a strong grip on the Hand Wedge and Weak Slip on the Foot Wedge.
Hopefully you will find my book intriguing and purchase a copy.
Please copy and send this on and hopefully more people will buy copies!!!
Thank You!