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Auto Info
Edmunds - Research Automobile Buying and Value Information.
Kelly Blue Book - Research Automobile Buying & Value Information.
NADA - Research Automobile Buying & Value Information.
Find all about autos (have patience with this one)
Holy Bible - Provided by GospelCom.Net - BibleGateway.Com (multiple translations) - for Christian and Bible Resources (i.e. Study Aids, Bibles, devotionals)
Koinonia House Online - Serious Study of God's Inerrant Word
Christian Sites
First Christian Church of Tyrone - Traditional Services
Christian City - a non-profit organization providing for the needs of children, the aged, and infirm. - Devotionals and Daily Bible Study
In Touch Ministries - Charles Stanley - Who Is Jesus? Find out at
Open My Eyes - A ProLife Patriotic Christian Site
Sermons To Live By - A group of hot topic sermons from years back. Very relevant today.
Southwest Christian Care - a non-profit ministry.. quality hospice care at no cost to patients/families.
Southwest Christian Church - Serving East Point, GA, and the Greater Atlanta Area
Standard Publishing - great for research
Stained Glass Windows Of Southwest Christian Church - Pictures and Representation
Campus Ministries
Point University (formerly Atlanta Christian College)
(Roll Tide)
Computer & TechStuff
Anti-Virus Software ... AVG (Buy) - Clean Your Computer of Viruses (Click Here For Free Version)
Anti-Virus Software ... Bitdefender (Buy) - Clean Your Computer of Viruses (Click Here For Free Version) 
Brother Printers - (durable printers)
Browsers - Free Downloads - (Firefox) -or- (Opera) -or- (Safari by Apple (PC or Mac)) -or- (IE Explorer 11)                                 
Canon - Printers and DigitalCameras
Ccleaner - (Free) Clean/Remove Junk Files To Help Your PC Run Better
Dell Computers - Order via the Internet
Email Program - Free Downloads - Thunderbird
Fonts (Free) - Download fonts (print types) ... 1001 Free Fonts
Gateway Computers - Order via the Internet - Sell your gadgets online (different from ebay)
HP Computers & Printers - Order via the Internet
Kim Komando Show - Top Notch Computer Info & Advice
Old Version Software - Web sites with Older Programs (Free) ... Open Site1 or Open Site2 or Open Site3
PC World Magazine - Great Research Site
PC Hell - A Great Site To Help You Fix Problem With Your Computer (Free) - (original site) Sell your old cell phones and gadgets online for good prices
Vision Computers - Order via the Internet (they are located in the Atlanta area)
Archaic Bonus Tech Note:  In Windows XP if you lose the Show Desktop Icon do the following...
Select Start|Run, type regsvr32/n/i:u shell32.dll and press Enter.
A small dialog box will tell you that the process succeeded.
Georgia Dept.of Labor Job Listings (and Other Information)
NetMom - can offer words of internet wisdom
Family Watchdog - Check your location for person that may harm your child
Internet Scams - from Scambusters
Healthfinder - A gateway consumer health & human services info web site from the US government.
Health - formerly DrKoop
                                         Health - Natural Health Items
Heart & Diabetes - Includes Symptoms, Care, Menus, Grocery Purchase, Recipes
Mayo Health                                    
Medicare - Government Medical Care
Home & Garden
HGTV - Home and Garden Television
Shop From Home - As Seen On TV (hundreds of products advertised on TV)h
Humor That Refreshes
Humorous Stories - Some via Video
Identity Theft
Identity Theft - Help To Reclaim Your Identity
Locate People
AnyWho - An assist in finding people
                            - An Independent Efficient Lookup Tool (Most Thorough)
HomeTownOnlineInfo - South Atlanta Metro Area Lookup
Omega-3 - Ocean Blue Professional - Extreme High Quality Omega-3 (check behind pharmacy counter)
Music - Gospel Music (lots of music) Free Video Musical Programs (You can also purchase)
All Quartets Radio - Select your choice of connection speed, Mono or Stereo, and Listen Free
News                     - factual up to date source
Fox - considered balance unbiased news
                            - Christian based news reporting
Nutrition Info
Self Reliance Information Low Sodium Recipes, etc. (see Recipes)
Excellent sites for locating good recipes!
Baking With Chocolate - from simple items to more complicated confections
Classic Recipes (great selections)
Healthy Heart Market - Great source for low sodium food and info
Parents Recipes (You'll Not Want To Miss This)
Salt - Low sodium recipes and food source info
Very Best Baking Recipes - (formerly Nestle's Recipes)
How To Do Your Project - a great research tool
Find the complete Zip Codes for a street address.
Cyndi's List of Myths, Hoaxes, and Scams Re Geneology
National Consumers League - Top 10 Telemarketing Scams
Snopes - Is It True or False... Find Out
Search the Net
Bing - Great search tool
Crosswalk - A Tremendos Christian Based Search Facility
Ask.Com - Ask Jeeves A Question
Google - Internet Search Engine
Ixquick - An Extremely Powerful Search Engine
Lycos.Com - A Good Internet Search Engine
Yahoo.Com - A Good Internet Search Engine
MessiahNet.Com - A Full Service Christian Site (includes daily devotionals & chat room)
Info.Com - A great Web Search Engine
Seniors Sites
Seniors Search which will make the Internet easier to navigate for the millions of older surfers who
do not want to deal with the mounds and mounds of irrelevant search engine
results common to all the present search engines.
For Nursing Home Assistance (see below) ...
Get a Map and Driving Directions from MapQuest or  EarthMaps
View Traffic on Georgia's expressways [using the new] before you leave home!
Virus Info
A primer on virus and general malware (great information)
Read what is a computer virus... using the AVG research web site
                                                   Or check to see if a file is a Virus, using the following site...
Or check to see if something is a Hoax, using the following site...
SPYWARE ... Now probably the nastiest stuff on the internet -
   To clean it off of your computer while online...
   click on this link and follow directions...
Check the weather direct from the National Weather Service - Get a multiple map look at your area, plus, forecasts