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Regarding Articles... The Bible teaches many lessons for our daily lives, and from the many parables there can be found multiple lessons
within each one. How we recognize and utilize these lessons may well determine how fulfilling our lives can be.
Some articles that appear over time will include facts, opinions, and probably some humor (depending on the writer), but all should have a
point to make for Christian Living, especially from a Christian Perspective.
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Best Prayer I Have Heard In A Long Time - Received from T.K.McIlraith
Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism - by Michael Youssef.com
Putting The Amazing Back Into Grace - by Ken Legg, pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church, Gold Coast of Australia
Successful Living - Found in the back of an old family Bible. Scripture translations include KJV, NLT, and the Message
The Origin Of Sayings - Cliff Haven
Trusting God’s Word - by C.Morris
Why Attend Church - Shows the need for people to go to church and includes scripture to back up this special article.
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Christianity and America - The Faith of Our Fathers - by Gregory Koukl see web site: Stand to Reason (www.str.org)
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Marxism In America - What’s Not Good For Christianity And America
(Video Format)
Christian Video Questions and Answers - (Courtesy of Christianity.com)
We The People - Published By Overwhelming Number of Requests
What Is The One Thing God Won’t Forgive? - Watch This Video (Courtesy of GodTube.com)
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