Our Founding Fathers and Christianity
As they signed that famous piece of paper in Philadelphia that hot July in 1776, they pledged "their lives,
their fortunes, and their sacred honor." Who were these guys? And the question arises these days (as never
before), were the Founding Fathers Christian?
There are those who bend their energies to denying the Christian backgrounds and beliefs of these brave
men. But they have their defenders, too. And it will do us well to read about them and ponder their
circumstances and courage and their dependence upon God. With the two-part article, Were the Founding
Fathers Christian?
(Part 1) and Did God Establish The United States?
(Part 2), the Honorable Judge Robert Ulrich, Chief Justice, Missouri Court Of
Appeals, Western District, explores these questions in a reasoned, fact-based manner, demonstrating that
the reality of the Christian commitment of the Founders of this country permeates our history.
Did you know that in a study of over 15,000 quotes from the Founding Fathers, 34 percent of all quotes
were from the Bible, and another 60 percent of the quotes were from men who were using the Bible to
make their point? 
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