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Content  Revised 02-20-2018
The Bible Says promotes using one of the
finest Bible sites on the internet. The web site
is BibleGateway.com and it is usable from
within the ChristianChurch.Net site.
If you get to the web site and feel a little
uneasy or confused in using it, or if you wish
to explore and check out the extent to which
you can use the site, then try the tutorial that
is available.
The BibleGateway puts a lot of tools at your
disposal. So where do you begin?  You can
walk step-by-step through the most popular
tasks at the BibleGateway and can search
through the Bible for anything--a verse, a
keyword, or a name--by entering it into the
Quick Search box on the BibleGateway
home page.
What if you want to see your search results in a different language or Bible version--or in several different versions at
the same time?  The answer is the advanced search.  It is a wonderful tool.  And you can search by passages or
keywords or phrases.  Spectacular!
This is a wonderful resource that is easy to use and the web site operates fast.  Try it... you’ll like it.
The Bible Says